Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 24

Talk to God

“God, thank you for being so strong. No one can overpower your plans.”

Read the Bible

Acts 23.11-24

Read this exciting story about some men who tried to stop God’s plan for Paul.

God had a special plan for Paul. God wanted Paul to go to Rome and tell the people there about Jesus, just like he was telling people in Jerusalem.

Some of the people in Jerusalem who heard Paul speak about Jesus were angry at what he was saying. They decided to kill him. They even promised each other they would not eat or drink anything until Paul was dead. They made a plan to attack Paul the next day. Thankfully, Paul’s nephew found out about this plan and Paul was rescued.

Think About It

The men who hated Paul had plans to kill him. But no one can overpower God’s plans! God has a plan for your life, too, and God’s plans are always best. You can trust that his plan is right and good.

Do Something About It

  • Think of something that you know is part of God’s plan for your life and work on that this week. Here are some examples: obey your parents; show kindness to others; tell someone about Jesus; always tell the truth; speak respectfully to your teacher. Maybe you can think of another one.

  • Tell God you want to follow his plan for your life.

Go back and read for yourself God’s plan for Paul in verse 11 of this chapter.