Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 23

Talk to God

“Lord, help me to be ready to tell others the story of how you saved me.”

Read the Bible

Acts 22.1-23

Paul once again tells the story of how his life was changed when he met Jesus. Do you have a story to tell?

Think About It

When Paul had the angry crowd’s attention, he told them the story that he was never tired of telling. He told them how he became a follower of Jesus. Paul was able to relate to the people in the crowd. There are people in your life to whom you can relate. You might be able to talk to them about Jesus better than anybody else. Be ready to share your story about how you became a follower of Jesus. Some of your friends and family members will listen. Others may not. Just share the truth as clearly as you can. Ask God to work on their hearts. Here’s a simple outline to help you prepare to tell your story:

  • What I used to think and believe

  • How I came to know the truth

  • What I now know is true

  • How the truth has made me different

Do Something About It

  • Go ahead! Write your story! When you write about what you know is true, you can include Bible verses that you know. Acts 4.12 is one good choice!

  • When you finish writing your story, share it with someone! You might want to read it to them. Maybe you could send it to them in a letter or an e-mail. Practice sharing your story with someone who already knows Jesus so that you will be able to tell it to others whenever you have an opportunity.

  • Ask God to use your story to help someone else become a follower of Jesus.