Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 20

Talk to God

“God, I thank you for the power of the gospel. Thank you that it has the power to save and change lives.”

Read the Bible

Acts 19.8-10, 23-41

As you read today, think about the power of the gospel. How has that power changed you?

Paul spent two years in the big city of Ephesus teaching people about Jesus. Many believed! They stopped doing evil and started obeying Jesus. Others could see a difference in their lives. Ephesus was changing!

Not everyone liked these changes. Many people had been serving a false god named Artemis. Men like Demetrius made money by selling statues of Artemis. As people turned to Jesus, they stopped buying the statues. Demetrius was angry! He was losing a lot of money. He started a riot that threatened to kill Paul. But God kept Paul safe. The riot ended and the church in Ephesus grew.

Think About It

As you follow Jesus, he will change you. Others may not like it, but do not be afraid. The gospel cannot be stopped!

Gospel—the good news about Jesus. This message of God has the power to save.

Do Something About It

  • How has knowing Jesus changed your life? Write down a few of those changes.

  • Thank the Lord for how he is changing you.

  • Ask God for the courage to obey him when others try to stop you.

  • Show others that Jesus is the Lord by the way you live today.