Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 19

Talk to God

“God, show me what I can do to help and encourage others as they follow you.”

Read the Bible

Acts 18.1-4, 24-28

As you read today, think about why it’s important to help and encourage people who are serving God.

Do you have a special friend who helps and encourages you? Priscilla and Aquila were special friends to Paul and Apollos. When Paul was in the city of Corinth, he worked with Priscilla and Aquila. He even stayed with them in their house. When Paul travelled to the city of Ephesus, Priscilla and Aquila went with him. They were such an encouragement to Paul!

Apollos was excitedly teaching about the good news of Jesus Christ to the people in Ephesus. After hearing him speak, Priscilla and Aquila invited him to their home. They lovingly helped him to teach more accurately. Apollos went on to be a great encouragement to the believers in the city of Achaia.

Think About It

If you are God’s child, God wants you to help and encourage others as they follow him, just like Priscilla and Aquila did!

Encourage—to stir up hope and courage in another person.

Do Something About It

  • Think of people you know that are serving God. Maybe you know a pastor, missionary, Sunday school teacher, or mission worker. Write their names here. Pray that God will provide for their needs.

  • Priscilla and Aquila helped and encouraged Paul by letting him stay at their house and by traveling with him. They helped and encouraged Apollos by inviting him to their house and teaching him in a loving way. Ask God to show you how you can help and encourage people you know who are serving God. Ask them what their needs are. Be ready for God to use you.