Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 15

Talk to God

“God, help me to see how great you are. Help me to worship you.”

Read the Bible

Acts 14.8-20

As you read these verses, think about who is being worshiped. Who should be the one worshiped?

Imagine that you lived in the city of Lystra when Paul visited. As Paul spoke, suddenly a crippled man was able to walk! How would you feel? What would you think?

The people of Lystra were right to be amazed. But then they made a huge mistake – they decided Paul and Barnabas must be gods. Paul and Barnabas were horrified! They said, “We are humans just like you!”(verse 15). Paul told the people to turn to the living God who made the earth, sky and sea. It was God’s power that healed the crippled man. Only God deserves our worship.

Think About It

Even today, we sometimes treat people like gods. While it’s normal to admire a talented sports star or musician, always remember that God is the one who gave them their abilities. We may look up to special people like pastors, teachers, and doctors. But always remember that they are only human. All people have sinned. God is the only one who is perfect. Only God deserves our worship.

Worship—to show honor and love toward God above all others.

Do Something About It

  • Why does God alone deserve our worship? In verses 15-17, Paul gives at least two reasons: because God made everything, and because God gives us good things like food and rain. Can you think of more reasons that God deserves our worship? Write them down and then tell them to God.

  • Who are some people that you admire or look up to? Write their names down, and then thank God for creating each one and for giving them their special abilities.