Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 14

Talk to God

“God, help me to learn how to serve you.”

Read the Bible

Acts 13.1-4, 13-52

As you read these verses, think about a person with whom you might be able to serve God.

The church at Antioch had several men who were prophets and teachers. They were all different ages, with different personalities, likes, and dislikes. But there was a way they were all alike. They all believed in Jesus as their Savior, and they all had the Holy Spirit living inside of them. So they met together to worship the Lord and go without eating so they could focus on praying. While they were doing this, the Holy Spirit told them to appoint Barnabas and Saul (also called Paul) to do a special job.

Think About It

What was God’s special job for Barnabas and Paul? To be a missionary team! They would travel to many places to tell people the good news that Jesus can forgive their sins. Notice that it wasn’t just one Christian, but a group or team of Christians that God used. God is pleased when his followers serve him together.

Do Something About It

  • List the names of some Christian friends with whom you can serve God. If you don’t have any Christian friends, ask God to send you some.

  • Pray about how you and your friends could serve God together. As you pray, write down the ideas God gives you. Here are some ideas to get you started: pray together for the needs of others; make friends with the new kid at school or church; collect items needed at a homeless shelter; or help an elderly or sick neighbor with housework.