Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 13

Talk to God

“God, please help me to remember to take time to pray with others in your family.”

Read the Bible

Acts 12.1-19

Read these verses carefully to learn about something amazing that happened to Peter.

Some people who lived at the same time as Peter weren’t happy that the truth about Jesus was spreading. They tried to stop it by killing followers of Jesus. King Herod, the Roman leader at the time, decided to arrest Peter and he planned to kill him. But the church started to pray. They met at Mary’s house and prayed all night asking God to rescue Peter. God answered their prayer! He sent an angel to rescue Peter from prison. When Peter came to Mary’s house, the people were amazed! When they gathered together to pray, God heard and answered their prayers!

Think About It

It’s important to join together with other believers to pray. When someone in your family is sad or afraid of something, you can pray with them about it. You can even plan a time to pray with your friends.

The Church—a group of people who believe and follow the Lord Jesus.

Do Something About It

  • Can you name 2 or 3 friends who you can ask to pray with you?

  • What are some things you can pray about?

  • When do you think you could pray together?

  • Ask God right now to help you take the time to pray with your friends, then talk to your friends about it today.