Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 10

Talk to God

“God, I am so glad you are all-powerful! You have the power to change even the hardest of hearts.”

Read the Bible

Acts 9.1-22

As you read today, think about God’s power. Is that power at work in your life?

Saul did not like the followers of Jesus. In fact, he hated them so much he wanted them dead! Saul thought he was pleasing God by keeping the message about Jesus being brought back to life from spreading any further. He thought it was a lie. Saul was blinded to the truth. His heart was hard.

Saul had a lot of power. The Jewish religious leaders made sure he had the power he needed to carry out his deadly plans even beyond Jerusalem. But on the way to Damascus, Saul encountered the one who is all-powerful! Jesus Christ spoke to him! He realized that Jesus really is who his followers said he is. Saul became a changed man! Even his name was changed. He would be called Paul. Instead of continuing in his cruel ways, he began to follow God’s way! With the Holy Spirit now living in him, Paul became a powerful witness for the living Lord. God has the power to change hearts!

Think About It

Do you try to do the right thing but you end up doing the wrong things you don’t want to do? Do you get so angry at times you want to hurt others? Do you feel powerless in these things? God has the power to change you on the inside. That change begins when you believe in Jesus. Remember Acts 4.12? “Only Jesus has the power to save!” The Holy Spirit lives inside those who believe in Jesus. He gives you the power to make right choices and to be a witness. If you haven’t yet believed in Jesus, that’s the first action you need to take. Then you can move forward in his power!

Do Something About It

  • Write down one way you would like God’s power to change you.

  • Ask God to work powerfully in your heart.

  • Thank God for his power that is working in you.