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Open Up The Heavens

When we gather together for church every week, we’re participating in a community event. We sing, we listen; we participate in many forms of giving, learning, and ascribing worth to God. The saddest reality though of this precious event would be that God was not actually present with us for it.

In Isaiah 64:1, Isaiah calls upon the Lord to ‘rend the heavens and come down – that the mountains might quake at Your presence’. He’s asking God to tear apart the barrier between Him and us, break down the mountains in our lives (see Isaiah 59:1) and manifest His felt presence among us. God is everywhere right? He is omnipresent. But that truth has often dulled the desire for us to see God draw near to us in His 'manifest presence' as we draw near to Him (James 4:8) and as Moses asks the Lord the same in Exodus 33:18 to 'please show me Your glory'.

As Christ followers, what event of our week do we wait upon beyond any that we would most desire to see God’s presence show up at - but at church. No one desires to be a ‘check mark’ Christian, but often we get in the rut and don’t know how to remedy it. If our churches are places where mountains are moved and God is rending the heavens to show us His glory, we’ll be ordering more seats and planning more services. Right?!

That’s what this song is passionately calling for. 'We’ve waited for this day, we’re gathered in Your name', 'You’re the reason we’re here', 'Open up the heavens we want to see you', 'Show us Your Glory Lord'. My prayer is that this would become our prayer – tear the heavens apart and show up in a big way this weekend Lord.


- Andi Rozier, Vertical Church Band Member

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