Loving the Other: Jesus Revolution

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We Should Invite Greg…

It could be, “let’s invite Billy.” Or ‘let’s ask Esmaray.” Or put your name in the blank. We all like invitations. It helps us to know that others see us, especially when someone uses our name. We are not anonymous. The idea of "loving the other" is a central theme of the Jesus Revolution movie. Watch the trailer to help you understand this movie and Bible Plan.

Cathe opens the trailer by saying to Greg, "Hey, square!" That is a label. Labels can sometimes clarify, but at other times they can destroy. During Jesus' days, people placed labels on each other. It’s no different today. But Jesus came to destroy those labels. You can see it in the very people whom He chose to surround himself with. He did not hang out with the perfect people. Instead, He hung out with the hurting, the searching, those who are asking the question, "do I belong?" He asked us to do the same. Is there someone you need to invite into the journey of a walk with Jesus? "Let’s invite…." You fill in the blank.

Application Questions:

  • Is there someone that you could invite to a closer walk with Jesus?
  • Are there new places where you should go to put yourself more in contact with others who need to experience God's love?