Tied On – The Cowboy’s Devotional

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We had a ranch rodeo not long ago and because it had rained all weekend, the arena was a muddy mess! We were covered in mud, from the top of our hats to the bottom of our boots! I remember that I drove home that night half naked because my clothes were too far gone and I just needed to throw them away (sorry for putting that picture in your mind). While we had a great time and even won a prize that weekend, there was nothing better than coming home from that muddy night, taking a shower, and putting on something clean and new!

Spiritually speaking, when we put our faith in Christ, He takes our old dirty clothes of sin and shame and throws them away. He takes our past, our failures, our filth, our sin, and gets rid of them, and then, He gives us a new set of clothes to wear! What do these new clothes look like? They are clothes of righteousness. Through our acceptance of Jesus’ forgiveness we are given the power to live a right life. We are able to say no to the filth of sin and walk a clean, upright life for His glory. Will we ever get muddy in sin again? Sure, but because of Christ’s forgiveness, we have the ability to be made clean each day as we turn to Him for cleansing. Not to mention when we get to heaven God will welcome us into heaven not because of our own ability to live a righteous life, but because he will see the clothes that His Son gave to us and tell us to come on in. Thank you, Jesus, for such a wonderful gift!

Have you traded in your clothes of sin for the clothes of righteousness by accepting Christ’s forgiveness? If not, ask God to forgive you of your sin and make you a new creation!

Lord, thank you for offering a way for me to be made new. Please wash me clean and help me live a new life in you. It’s in your holy name I pray, Amen.

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