The Sauce: A 7-Day Bible Plan With Transformation Church

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading



The Lord calls us to consecrate ourselves to Him to receive purpose, vision, and direction. This is exactly what is done during times of prayer and fasting. Consecration simply means, “the action of making or declaring something sacred, set apart or holy.” At Transformation Church, our phrase for 2022 is “Here is Holy.” We know that God has called us as believers to be holy and set apart from the world for His glory. During the next 7 days, we will choose to be set apart, spending time in prayer and fasting, standing on the Word of God to allow ourselves to grow closer in relationship with Him. It can be difficult at times to see or understand God’s purpose, vision, and direction for our lives. When we choose to acknowledge God in all of our ways by seeking His presence, He will reveal purpose. God speaks through intimacy and a relationship with Him! The Bible says we can trust the Lord to give us a vision for our future. He will also lead our steps with divine direction. Today, we allow God to transform us, and we are made new in His image. Although we may have a plan for our lives, ultimately God is faithful in directing our path and giving us purpose and vision! As we hear from Him, we acknowledge wherever we may find ourselves today, that “Here is Holy.” We humble ourselves to ask for help from God to give us purpose, vision, and direction in our lives.

Application/ Reflection:

  • Where do you need vision for purpose and direction in your life today?
  • How do you experience God’s presence?
  • What does it mean to be set apart or holy in your life?
  • Where do you need to humble yourself before God and ask for guidance in the areas of purpose, vision, and direction?


Lord, I thank you for your presence that is always with me. I acknowledge you as the Lord of my life, and that in you, I have been made holy! Today, I will submit my will to you. I repent for times when I have pursued my ways over your ways. I pray that you speak to me today. Show me the way to go and guide my steps. Give me a vision for my future. Help me discover purpose as I seek your presence. I pray that as you reveal the path ahead of me, I hear your voice and am quick to obey you. Help me live a life that glorifies you in all that I do. Lead me, guide me, and direct me as I pursue you. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen!