The Incredible Gifts God Gives You

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The Truest Gifts Are the Ones That Bring Me Glory

"There is a weight to you. A weight only I can measure. It is substantial, of value deeper than human words can describe. But let Me tell you what I see when I see you. A glimpse. A moment to describe more than time, more than breath, more than life.

"You are my child, and I am so pleased with you. When I first saw you, before time, before the rolling of the waves, before the movement of the mountains to make land, I loved you. I knew you and I loved you. I wanted to be with you always. My precious one, the one who would walk with steady steps, speak with a voice richer than sound.

"I give you gifts you haven’t even yet seen. They are in you now, and you see glimpses of them. But, oh, how much more there is in you. How much more I see and you experience bit by bit. The key to experiencing more of these gifts is knowing My love. They only exist in My love.

"The truest gifts are the ones that bring Me glory—for then I see through you, I move in you. I step and you step, I speak and you speak, I carry you and you dance, I put you down and you point people to me. How dearly I love you. How I love to be with you. How I never tire of you. How I dream of you and continue to dream as I watch you, hear you, speak to you, continue to imagine new possibilities of hope and beauty and discovery for your heart. I have so much more for your heart.

"Come now, into the deep place of My love. Come now, into the place where the gifts reside. Come now, where you are prosperous and you are filled with My abundant grace that overflows and gives you courage and energy and wisdom and all you need to thrive this day and the next and the next and the next and the next.

"Come be with Me. I hold nothing back from you. Come be with Me. I am the one who never sleeps and watches over you, at all times, in all ways.

"Discover more of Me. Discover more of My love for you. Discover who you are, the treasure of My love, the treasure of you and Me."

Friend, how do you feel when you hear these words for you? What is your reaction, in one word?