The Case for Heaven Young Reader's Edition

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Jesus Paid for It All

By living a courageous life for Christ, Luis didn’t fear death. His hope was in heaven. Luis pointed to Hebrews chapters 7–10 as powerful Scriptures that affirm Jesus came to earth to do away with sin. His sacrifice covered every sin and shortcoming. And Jesus still goes before God the Father to intercede for those who believe in him.

“Jesus is defending us,” Luis said firmly. “If you put your trust in the Lord, your salvation is secure. This theme of ‘once for all’ is stressed repeatedly in Hebrews. Through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, all of our sins are atoned for—paid in full—finally, completely, for all time.”

For example, Hebrews 7:27 says with crystal clarity, “Jesus gave one sacrifice for the sins of the people. He gave it once and for all time. He did it by offering himself.”

While Luis didn’t fear his own death because he knew his ultimate home was in heaven, he recognized that death can be scary because many people are on the path to hell.

“I haven’t shied away from the bad news that our sin has separated us from God and so we’re headed for hell,” Luis said. “But the good news is that Christ offers forgiveness and eternal life in heaven if we repent and follow him. People need to hear that positive and uplifting message.

“The Bible says it’s God’s kindness that leads to repentance,” he added. “He sets us free! What’s better than that? Our relationship with God can be full of joy and laughter and happiness.”

I had one last question for a man who’d spent his life telling others about God’s kindness, love, forgiveness, and goodness.

“What about people who aren’t yet Christians?” I asked him. “If you could send them a message after you go to heaven, what would it be?”

Luis didn’t mince words. “I’d tell them, ‘Don’t be stupid!’ ”

We both burst out laughing. “Seriously?” I said. “That’s it?”

“Sure,” he said. “Don’t be stupid! Don’t pass up what God is offering out of his love and grace. Why turn your back on heaven and choose hell? Why expose yourself to the harmful side effects of a sinful life when you can follow God’s path of righteousness and healing? Don’t miss the party that God has waiting for you in heaven!”

We adapted this plan from the book, “The Case for Heaven Young Reader’s Edition” by Lee Strobel. Learn more here.