God's Faithfulness

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Is Faithful

Talking to God

Thank God for His faithfulness — for being strong when we are weak and

for being with us no matter where we are.

Diving In

Go on a scavenger hunt in your home. Each person should find one thing that is

"strong." As a family, talk about the items you gathered and why you

chose them. Then test each item to prove that it is strong in some way.

Going Deeper

In Joshua 1:7, God tells Joshua to "be strong and very courageous."

Joshua's strength comes from God and not from his abilities. In the same way,

people today are asked by God to do things such as loving their neighbor, doing

what is right by their enemy and feeding the poor. When you allow God to

strengthen you, He freely demonstrates that He is faithful to you. Because of

Jesus' example and God's strength, people can do what God requires, even when

their natural inclination may be to love only those who are good to them, to do

what is right by themselves and to feed only their own

friends. In 1 Thessalonians 5:24, the apostle Paul says, "The one who

calls you is faithful." God will never ask you to do something without

faithfully giving you the strength to complete the task.

Talking to Each Other

- What do you think it means to be "strong in the Lord"?

- How does your strength show God's faithfulness?

- When you say God is faithful, what does that mean?

- Why does His faithfulness matter?

- When have you seen God's faithfulness to your family? To



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