Setback to Comeback: 5 Days of Inspiration to Start Your Comeback

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God wants you to have a life-changing comeback, but there are specific steps you must take. Philippians 3:13 says, “But I forget what is behind and I struggle for what is ahead.” The first step is you must drop your setback mentality—in other words, forget what has happened that caused your setback.

A setback mentality is when you’re self-absorbed. You are preoccupied with your setback and the problems it has created. This preoccupation keeps you from moving forward into your comeback.

You must get rid of the setback mentality, as it will have you thinking that everyone else is somehow aware of your setback. People who have a setback mentality think that everyone sees them as a failure.

Of course, that is not what everyone thinks; most people are too preoccupied with their own lives to care. And those few people who do, you should not acknowledge. Once you have your comeback, those people will be the biggest haters. So lose the setback mentality. Do not allow yourself to keep playing the setback over and over in your mind.

Have you ever noticed how certain companies or teams have remarkable comebacks or turnarounds, and it appears that nothing has changed except there is a new coach or CEO? Oftentimes, very little may appear to have changed, but the mentality changed.

Someone came into the situation and said, “We can have a comeback. We can turn this thing around.” The setback mentality is dropped and replaced by a comeback mentality.

To drop the setback mentality, you must realize that setbacks are temporary, and they don’t define you. You must remember the things you have achieved. You may need to take time today to think about what you have achieved and the obstacles you have overcome.

Instead of focusing on the setback, focus on your accomplishments. Get out your resume and look at all you have done. Ponder what you have accomplished in your life in many different areas.

Help yourself realize that one setback, or even a series of setbacks, does not cancel your achievements and accomplishments. It’s amazing how this will affect your mentality.

You can’t allow the setback mentality, that negative thinking, to get inside of you, because it will keep you from taking the steps toward your comeback. Drop the setback mentality, and move into your comeback.