Love Languages: 5 Days 5 Ways

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Study up!

To “clothe yourself” in love is to take an active step toward loving others. Today, take a step to love your spouse well by being a better student of your spouse. Have you thought about how you show love and how you like to receive it? Or how your spouse does? Do you know their love language?

Today, ask God to help you be a good student as you seek to know and understand your spouse. To know them better so that you can love them well. His design for marriage is unity through sacrificial love, just as He graciously reached out in love while we were separated from Him by sin. If you’ve been waiting for your spouse to love you well, it’s time to focus on showing love instead. If you’ve felt that your gestures of love go unnoticed, it may be due to the two of you speaking different love languages.

Follow Jesus’ example of loving first. Follow the directive to “let all that you do be done in love.” We are called to put love into action as we follow Jesus, and our marriage is a great place to start.

Next Step: Be curious about your spouse. Challenge yourself not to “put them in a box,” but to notice and learn something new about them today. Ask what makes them feel most loved by you.