Bible Explorer for the Young (2 Corinthians)

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The Clay Jars

2 Corinthians 4:7

We have this treasure from God, but we are only like clay jars that hold the treasure. This is to show that the amazing power we have is from God, not from us.

A jar of clay is shaped and molded by a potter before being baked and refined in a fire until the clay becomes hard. Paul described us as a clay jar for a few reasons. We are like jars of clay as we have a temporary life here on earth, are easily broken, and are all shaped uniquely by God’s own hands.

We are the clay and God is the potter. It means in whatever hardship or struggles we face that might break our hearts, God is actually working in our lives to shape us and make us beautiful in His sight. 

Problems might make us feel down, but we won’t be completely crushed.

Betrayal might shatter our heart to pieces, but God will heal our heart and fill it with joy. 

We may feel alone, but God will never abandon us.

Sickness might knock us down, but God’s power will restore us.

Remember that God keeps on working in our lives to shape our characters to be more and more like Jesus.


Dear God, mold me, use me, guide me, hold me and lead me so that I can be a beautiful jar of clay that glorifies Your name. Amen.