Bible Explorer for the Young (Mark)

Day 1 of 9 • This day’s reading


Friendship + Faith = Forgiveness + Freedom

Mark 2:5

When Jesus saw how much faith they had, He said to the paralysed man, “Young man, your sins are forgiven.

A paralysed man had 4 friends who carried him in the midst of a crowd to seek Jesus to heal him. Not only that, his friends went further to the extent of climbing up onto the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching, made a hole in it, and lowered him through it. The effort and faith of his friends paid off. Jesus rewarded the paralysed man with forgiveness and freedom from his illness.

A true friend is someone who is willing to make a sacrifice for his friend. A true friend really wishes for the best for his friend. When you sacrifice your “me-time” to listen to your friend’s problem, you are being a true friend. When you miss out on your favourite movie because you need to be with your friend for an urgent matter, you are being a true friend.

Above all, a true friendship is about bringing people to Jesus. Bringing our friends to know Jesus will bring something that the world cannot offer, forgiveness and freedom. You can do it, kids! 


Dear God, thank You for the forgiveness and freedom You have given me.  I also want to pray for ________ (mention your friends’ name) so that they can come to know about You. Amen.