We Are Oaks

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Life can be destabilizing as so many people try to make things work within their lives, in the midst of a pandemic and in environments that are tense, confronting, or threatening. How do we settle and find planting in destabilizing times? Culture can be holistically impacting so we must look for a sense of stability, but where do we find this? Oak trees demonstrate a sense of stability. The prophet Isaiah speaks of the followers of God as oaks. The Temple had been destroyed and the circumstances were more dire than those we face today – the people of God dispersed across an entire empire, yet there was hope in God. Jesus declares the same scripture and the start of a new era; He brought the fulfillment of the promise after hundreds of years. Jesus is the stability for which we long.  


What have you allowed to destabilize your life or your mindset?  

How have you found stability in the midst of this season?