Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Jesus And The Roman Officer

Day 4 of 5 • This day’s reading



Cooking? If you refer to a cookery book, there are often photos of amazing food, beautifully displayed. You may or may not be a skilled chef, but to achieve the desired effect you need to follow the recipe accurately and carefully, as well as use the right combination of ingredients in the right order.

In this Bible story we have a recipe – not for a meal, but for a solution to a problem. The ingredients are equal amounts of respect and authority, along with a huge portion of faith. The Roman soldier who approached Jesus had great respect for him, but also recognized Jesus’ supreme authority. As an army officer, he could identify with both and so he was able to bring a very bold request to Jesus. The result was the desired outcome, with the soldier’s servant healed immediately.

That could only happen through God’s power because the Roman officer trusted Jesus implicitly – a recipe for success! Ask God to increase your faith by the power of his Holy Spirit and give you the ingredients you need to trust him.


Jesus was surprised – and happy – when the Roman officer showed how much faith he had. What surprises you – and what makes you happy – about this Bible story?


The Roman officer sent two messages to Jesus. What messages do you want to send to Jesus today? Write or draw them on paper, then fold into paper darts and ‘send’ them through the air!


Switch on your game device, go to the Spire and select the Bible Quest ‘Jesus and the Roman Officer’ (tap the ‘game-controller’ icon).

Have you completed all three chapters? If so, you might like to replay, to make sure you have achieved all the ‘stars’ in each chapter.

Time now to explore more about the Bible story. Tap on the ‘?’ button at the Spire for two types of quiz.

Take a Facts and Figures Quiz to see how much of the story you can remember. See if you can beat your own score – or challenge each other in a family contest.

If you were there in Capernaum on that day, who would you have been? Take a Personality Quiz to find out (tap on the ‘?’ button at the Spire). Compare answers. Are you the same, or different?