God Liberates You

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The prison you feel that you are in is only a facade embellished by Satan in an attempt to keep you the believer under the false sentence of lack, depression, condemnation, defeat, past failures, past hurts, past abuse, loneliness, doubt, and fear. 

What if I told you that there is documentation available upon request proving that the prison you appear to be in is unlocked and the jailer that taunts, harasses, and bothers you, was fired years ago! Although the jailer and the prison guards make a lot of noise yelling death threats to you they don’t have authority over your destiny at all! 

The jailer (Satan) deceives children of covenant with a distorted view of darkness and circumstances with hopes that they will not see, the pure, liberating light of Jesus Christ in the midst of life’s trials, thus keeping one chained to the past, bound in present challenges and trapped in fear regarding one’s future. 

Regardless of what you see be encouraged today that we are victors in Christ Jesus! You might be experiencing a dark, dank, and disturbing situation right now, but remember you have already been set free! Get up! Be encouraged your redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ lives and has already paid the cost for your freedom! God’s word is living and active. 

Through prayer, revelation by, and through the Holy Spirit, you will understand that you’ve been set free!! The documentation is valid, reliable, and available to you right now! Whatever is attempting to rob you from the goodness of God and his promises is only a plot from Satan to lock you up and put you down. 

No matter what you’ve experienced in your past, God’s love, power, grace, and mercy is available to you and Jesus Christ has liberated you from any and every curse. Walk freely and Praise God for his love, provision, and liberating authority. 


God I thank you for your liberating power active right now in my life. Thank you, LORD, for sending your one and only son Jesus Christ to die for my sins and I stand on your promise that I am free indeed! God, I thank you for liberating me from strongholds, lies, and deceptions and leading me to your promises, truths, and protection. In Jesus Name, AMEN.