Trusting God's Plan in the Waiting: Lessons From the Life of Joseph



Waiting. Ugh! Nobody likes to wait, yet we all do it. Every. Single. Day. Let me take a wild guess,  you are probably waiting for something to change in your life.  Am I right? Could it be a promise to be fulfilled, a dream to come to pass, or your heart’s desire to finally become a reality? If so, I feel you!  

I know a thing or two about waiting. As I write this, my dream is to one day marry God’s best man for me. But I find myself in a seemingly endless season of waiting. Can you relate?

The object of your wait may be very different from mine, but just as important to you. Maybe you or someone you love desperately needs to be healed of cancer or a disease. Or you may be walking through the frustrating valley of infertility, with no hope of a baby in sight. A job, a wayward child, a broken relationship, depression that never seems to end... if we’re being honest with ourselves, there’s something we’re all waiting for, even now. 

I’ve found that when it feels like there are no changes on my horizon, the best way to fight discouragement is to seek the promises of the One who can never fail me! So while seeking encouragement, I started identifying with this one intriguing man in the book of Genesis. His story of years and years of waiting resonated with me.      

Without further ado, join me on a journey as we step into the sandals of one of the great biblical heroes of faith – Joseph (of the Old Testament). He’s known worldwide for that particular coat of many colors. Take a sneak peek into some of the lessons we’ll explore as we learn how to wait well:      

  • God-given dreams      

  • When bad things happen to good people      

  • Run from temptation      

  • Feeling like your wait is a prison      

  • Being forgotten      

  • God’s perfect timing      

  • Living with past hurts      

  • Forgiving those who hurt you      

  • Hiding your true self      

  • Learning from your mistakes      

  • But God      

  • A promise fulfilled

Tomorrow we’ll meet the dreamer himself!  In the meantime, each day we’ll have a little bonus material podcast called “A Little Extra”. Check out today’s which sets the stage for all the family drama Joseph was born into.  It’s a doozy!


  • What is the dream you are waiting for?      

  • Which topics resonate with you and why?      

  • What do you hope to learn from this study?