God’s Will, God's Way for Your Business: A Culture of Caring & Sharing

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To put this into a modern-day perspective, we live in a world which is saturated with social, economic, and political distress, resulting in extreme human misery. Simply listening to news reports for too long can leave one feeling depressed and hopeless. However, this is alarmingly similar to the issues Jesus encountered throughout first-century Palestine.

Such symptoms of a goat nation (or causes of human misery) include poverty, unemployment, unsustainable debt, substance abuse, prostitution, sex-slavery, hunger, racism, sexism, persecution, feudalism, and the list continues. These are all ever-present issues experienced by many people around the world.

Therefore, if these symptoms of a goat nation can be identified, why is it so hard to fix the problem and create a sheep nation, or in less Christianese terms, a just nation?

The reason we never seem to fix these social issues is because we always try to deal with the symptoms of the problem and never seem to get to the root cause. It is the same as trying to mop up the water without turning off the tap. For example, we build orphanages and think that will stop orphans, or we rescue girls from sex slavery and think that will stop girls from being trafficked, or we feed the poor and we think that will fix the problem.

Yet, the root cause of these problems is still the same root cause of the problems which Jesus overtly fought against – this is a cultural problem of greed, corruption, and self-centredness.

If we change the culture from greed and corruption, to caring and sharing – we will all prosper. However, this starts with you! For example, if you are maximising your own self-interests in your business operations, this will only ever be done at the expense of others. Simply by the way we are taught to do business in a purely profit driven capitalist society, we are creating systemic poverty and human misery.

The only system that can possibly work is a complete or wholistic form of capitalism, with an equally divided focus on people, profit, and planet – with an overarching culture of caring and sharing. Many years ago, we named this Capitwholism.

This is the principle I have applied to my business, Paladin Corporation, for the last 20 years. Today, we privately own 32 companies and trusts, which was not as a result of my personal gifting and capabilities, but because of my commitment to apply Jesus’ principle that “All Shall Prosper”.