Marriage Killer: Her Affair

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In today’s video you will meet Adam and Kristi. We’ll look at their families of origin, how they met, their dating relationship, and the first years of their marriage. Every married couple has baggage. There is baggage we bring into marriage and baggage we create within the marriage. God has the answers for both. When we stand before Him and enter into the covenant of marriage, He will do everything we allow Him to to give us the marriage he has designed uniquely for us. Helping us work through and eliminate the baggage in our marriage is another one of God's specialities!

After you watch the video, talk about the following questions.

  • What were your families of origin like? In what ways were they different? In what ways were they similar?

  • How have your families of origin affected you as an adult and a spouse, both positively and negatively?

  • Share the first three impressions you had of each other when you met.

  • What were the best things about your dating relationship? 

  • Were there any red flags that weren’t addressed while you were dating? Will you address them now?

As you answered the questions, what did you each learn? What did you learn as a couple?  Taking into account what you learned, what is a good next step for the two of you?