Spiritual Fitness


What is Spiritual Fitness?

In every sport there is so much more than just game day. Without hours of practice, and hard discipline, no team would ever win in any competition. We understand the hours of physical work in sports as normal; yet when it comes to our spiritual lives, we seem surprised that we would have to have the same discipline. Sometimes in Christianity we sell our faith short and think that once we become saved that is it. We think that life is just a waiting period of going to church, trying to be nice to others, and then going to Heaven. However, there is so much more to the Christian life! Unlike physical training that is temporary, when we train our spiritual life we will have life change that will last forever. When we are spiritually disciplined, we can be prepared for the game days that matter; the days when the enemy of our soul attacks. We can walk in the victory of the Lord rather than being surprised by attacks, but in order to do so we must daily pick up our cross and follow Jesus in action and with discipline. This plan will give you daily practices that will draw you closer to God and prepare you for the enemy’s attacks. 

Think about a time when you had to prepare for a competition. What did you do to train? What are ways that you can train for spiritual battles?