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God’s Greatest Desire is That We Love Him and Love Those Around Us

While the rest of the world is focused on climbing the corporate ladder, God wants his children to focus on pleasing him. Our lives are measured by how we love God and others — not by how high we can climb.

The object of life, according to Jesus, is breathtakingly simple: Be rich toward God. Don’t spend your life [trying to climb the corporate ladder]. It’s a sucker’s game. You can’t beat the house. But you can be rich toward God. Your life—with God’s help—can be a source of pleasure to the God of the universe. You can make God smile. When the game is over, all that will matter will be God’s assessment of our lives. Venture capitalists and Hollywood stars and school janitors and Somalian tribesmen will stand in line before him on level ground.

Being rich toward God means growing a soul that is increasingly healthy and good.

Being rich toward God means loving and enjoying the people around you.

Being rich toward God means learning about your gifts and passions and doing good

work to help improve the world.

Being rich toward God means becoming generous with your stuff.

Being rich toward God means making that which is temporary become the servant of that which is eternal.

Being rich toward God means savoring every roll of the dice and every trip around the board.

Each of these dimensions of richness matters. But Jesus expressed [richness] in two great commandments, each built around a single word: Love. Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, he said. Love your neighbor as yourself. Everything else is commentary. No one can do this and be poor in God’s eyes. No one can fail to do this and be rich in God’s eyes.

Being rich toward God begins with giving to God that which he desires most of all. And what he desires most from you is you—your heart and devotion.


Do you give God the attention that he deserves? If you love him unconditionally, not only will you grow in giving him the adoration he deserves, but your affection for others will grow as well.