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Make Room

DAY 3 OF 4

Put God first

We started by identifying our priorities. We committed to fasting so that we can make room for more of God. The next step in the process of seeing God do immeasurably more through us than we could ever imagine? We put God first. This is where worship comes in. 

What is worship? First, let’s take a moment to acknowledge that worship is more than singing songs. Singing songs is one of the spiritual disciplines that helps us worship God, but that’s not all that worship is. So, what is worship? Worship is the act of putting God first. Or, if we want to take a step back, we can define worship as the act of putting something first. 

Think about the list of priorities you created on day one. If you were honest, there was probably something in that top spot, the thing you spend the most time, energy, and attention on, that wasn’t God. For most of us, there will be times when the thing we worship is not God. That’s a problem, especially if we’re Christians, because what we worship has profound effects on how we live and how we treat people. 

The spiritual discipline of worship is the act of choosing to put God first. It’s a discipline because it isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. Why? Because when we put God first, when we choose to worship Him, it changes everything. Worship does two things:

1. Worship proves our priorities. When we choose to worship God, we are making the “right” answer to what we value most, our real answer. 

2. Worship unifies us with God and others. When we put God first, we start to see ourselves, others, and the world the way God sees us. When we start to see the way God sees, we start to love the way God loves. Worship doesn’t just help us better love God, worship empowers us to better love people. 

Fasting helps us make room for more of God. Worship is the act of filling that space with more of God by putting Him first. If you want to see God do immeasurably more through you than you could ever ask or imagine, first, you have to make room. Then, you have to put God first. You have to worship. 

Challenge: Identify one thing you can do for the next two weeks to put God first. Maybe it’s only listening to worship music. Maybe you start every morning by reading a Bible Plan and praying. Maybe you choose to worship God through the tithe by putting Him first with your money. Choose to do one thing every day for the next two weeks that will help you put God first. 


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Make Room

What do you value most? What is your priority? That thing that comes before everything else. Is it God? Family? Friends? Fame? Wealth? Clout? During these next four days we are going to explore what we value most and dis...


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