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Day 4 - Wreck the Roof

When was the last time your love was inconvenient? After reading the story of some people doing whatever it took to bring one paralyzed man to Jesus, you have to ask yourself, "Am I willing to wreck the roof for the sake of the one?" 

These questions could lead you to pray one of the most dangerous prayers in your life, "God, teach me to love people even when it is inconvenient."

We have giants in our history who have wrecked the roof. Mother Teresa wrecked the roof for lepers. Harriet Tubman wrecked the roof for slaves. And Oskar Schindler wrecked the roof for each Jewish name on his lists. But the greatest roof-wrecker in history was Jesus Christ. 

He dismantled the roof of human flesh, the bondage of sin and death, and the unshakable chains of the Law.

Christ’s creativity in wrecking the roof calls us to do for others what has been done for us. Jesus will give us whatever we need to bypass obstacles for the sake of the one who needs to experience His love. 


Keep Talking Questions

What obstacles keep you from recklessly sacrificing for and serving others?

What would happen if you prayed, "God, teach me to love people even when it is inconvenient"? 

How is God asking you to wreck the roof today? 



Father of creative love, we ask for Your help to love others, even when it is inconvenient. Teach us to value wrecking the roof for the one no matter what trouble it might bring to our busy lives. Amen.