Day 3 - Catch the Wind

I was working a job I enjoyed for an organization I loved. My boss was planning to promote me. My boat was sailing the direction I thought it should, but then the wind changed. I bumped into an old friend who offered me another position—in another city. The offer was totally unexpected. I had no desire to move hours away from my friends and family to make less money. So, I ignored it.

But the Spirit wouldn’t let me. I realized the wind was rushing, so I raised the sails. 

Every day, I asked God what He wanted me to do. I spoke with close friends and mentors about what they thought. I explored God’s Word for guidance.

The Spirit changed my heart toward the new job. He didn’t make the decision more comfortable, but I was fully convinced that was where God wanted me to sail.

 In John 3:8, Jesus described the Holy Spirit as a wind that blows wherever He pleases. We can’t control when, where, and how He works. For us, that means we depend on God instead of trusting in ourselves. We stay in tune with the Spirit, so when He moves as even the softest breeze, we are ready to raise the sails and catch the wind.

When you catch the wind, you’ll have the full force of God’s Kingdom with you. It may be scary, but don’t let your comfort level hold you back. Jesus invites us on a grand adventure! All we have to do is raise the sails.

Keep Talking Questions

How will you raise the sails today?

Where could your comfort level be holding you back?

Where have you seen the effects of the wind of the Holy Spirit in your life?



Dear Jesus, thank You that You did not leave us alone. Please forgive me when I’ve missed or ignored Your voice. Show me how I can raise the sails in my life to catch the wind of the Holy Spirit. Lead me, Holy Spirit, so I can bring glory to God. Amen.