Ever Present Love - Discovering Jesus

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Your New Beginning

A new beginning! Jesus comes into our lives and gives us a new start. The One who had no beginning loves to help us start over. Our failures are never final, for grace overcomes every obstacle.

Did you notice two names that are linked to Jesus? David and Abraham. Both had failures that impacted them for the rest of their lives, yet God restored them. God gave them a “do-over,” a new beginning. So many times our guilt convinces us that God will never use us, speak to us, or show us a miracle—all because of failure in our past. But in God’s eyes, we don’t have a history; we only have a destiny. And that destiny is full of hope and glory. Let this day be the first of your new beginning!

Lord Jesus, there is no one who loves me like you do. I give you my heart today. Take me into a new beginning, where nothing of my past matters. I want a relationship with you that never fades even if I fail. Show me again your love that overcomes every obstacle.

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