The Second Birth: New Believers

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Welcome to the Family of God! 

Long before you were born, your Heavenly Father loved you with an everlasting love. God knew that people would seek to go their own way, with disastrous consequences, and so He sent His Son, Jesus, to redeem them through the giving of His own life. His heart rejoices as He anticipates developing a deep and personal relationship with you—one that will last throughout your life here on earth, and then for all eternity in heaven!

Now you have responded to His call—and that is truly awesome! Jesus paid the penalty for your sins. When you repented and trusted in Jesus as your Savior, fellowship with God was restored—you are His child, adopted into His family. God loves and accepts you as much on your bad days as He does on your good ones. God’s acceptance is based on your standing in Christ, not the state of your life at a given time. Once you understand your position, who you are in Christ, you begin doing the right things for the right reasons—not to earn salvation, but out of gratitude because of it!

You’re now part of God’s Kingdom, with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities that come with it. Your eternal home in heaven is guaranteed. You are absolutely and totally forgiven for all your sins. The Holy Spirit of God marks you as God’s own and fills you for godly living. The promises that God gives believers in His Word are yours through Jesus, who promises to never leave nor forsake you. Everything you need to succeed in God’s plan and purpose for your life is yours!