Who Is Jesus For You?

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Jesus is the way God speaks to you now

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Jesus is called the Word because he shows us what God is like. He reveals the unseen, invisible God. Just as words reveal thoughts, Jesus reveals God. Jesus is the Word, the Word made flesh. He shows us what God is like.

Jesus is eternal. In the beginning, in eternity past, long before Genesis 1:1, Jesus already was. “In the beginning was the Word.” Jesus is eternal, and only God is eternal.

Jesus is distinct from God, or to be more precise, from God the Father. “And the Word was with God.” The Greek preposition has the nuance of face-to-face. Jesus was face-to-face with God. He was co-eternal with the Father and yet distinct from the Father.

Jesus is God. “And the Word was God.” There it is, plain as day, the crescendo of the majestic verse. The Word was God.

That’s how John’s Gospel majestically begins, and it reaches its fitting climax in Thomas’s exclamation: “My Lord and my God!” At the beginning and at the end, Jesus is God.

God speaks to you. God speaks to you through the Word, through Jesus.

Pay close attention.