Sex: How Often

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What Is Your “Normal”?

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In today’s video, Dr. Kim asks this question: “What have you decided together is your ‘normal’ for sex in your marriage?” 

The key to deciding what is normal for the two of you in your sex life is communication. Just like everything else in marriage, being intentional in these conversations makes a difference. When we make assumptions about our spouse concerning sex, we usually find that our assumptions are off base. Sometimes really off base. 

The Bible teaches us that we are to give ourselves to each other. We are to embrace the gift. Sex is to be reserved for marriage, and marriage is to be the only outlet for expressing our sexual needs. As a couple discusses frequency, they must listen well to each other and together decide on a frequency that meets their needs and at the same time protects their marriage. 

Doug says that their sex life is “a work in progress.” I think that is true for all of us. We go through different seasons in marriage. We change in many ways as individuals over the years of a marriage. Being open and honest with each other is really the only way to navigate through these seasons well and to continue to enjoy the sexual relationship God has given us in marriage.

Today’s Challenge:

Share with each other one thing that you really like about your sex life together today. Is it meeting both of your needs? Are you protecting your marriage from outside sexual temptations?

Going Deeper: 

Talk about the season that you are in as a couple. What would you like your normal to be like in this season? What do each of you need to do to make that happen?