Strategic Young People From The Bible

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Finding The Purpose For Existence Like Joseph  

The story of Joseph is an amazing lesson on personal and professional management. Joseph was a man of personal discipline and lived with all sobriety. He learned to prioritize God irrespective of several difficult situations he was experiencing. Joseph learned to comport himself with spiritual maturity even when he was in Egypt all alone and was motivated to take a stand for God in a heathen nation. What distinguishes Joseph is his implicit reliance on God and submission to His will. The ultimate goal for Joseph was to please God and walk uprightly before Him against all odds. As a young man, Joseph was not giving in to his personal desires nor was he willing to take shortcuts to a prosperous lifestyle. He was extremely careful to sustain the dreams he had while he was young.  

Professionally, even in the confinement of Pharoah's prison , Joseph excelled at every task. Joseph was a dreamer in his youth, but now God granted him the ability to interpret dreams and visions.  Upon being released from prison, he developed a strategy that saved thousands from dying in the famine and at the same time built a strong nation. God wants to use each of us to accomplish His will, just like He used Joseph, but it's up to us whether we choose to obey or not.

Strategy is all about creating a clearly defined road map that will lead to fulfillment of purpose. Someone who claims to know God is responsible for finding the purpose for his existence and interpreting the vision for his life. This can involve your Church, your ministry,  your team or any context that has a potential to create an impact.

Find the purpose in your life. “Purpose defines who you are, your sphere of relevance and how you impact the world. Purpose is not a position. The purpose of Joseph was not to become a Prime Minister, it was to deliver the world from famine. The position was just a medium. Joseph had managerial grace and ruled with it for the purpose of saving the world from famine. He could have ruled to defraud Pharaoh, but he didn’t.” Femi Obedowale