Hollywood Prayer Network On Grace

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"Christ is no Moses, no exactor, no giver of laws, but a giver of grace, a Savior, He is infinite mercy and goodness, freely and bountifully given to us." Martin Luther

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I am humbled to learn that you ARE grace. I have seen Your glory and know that You are full of grace and truth. And I thank You that out of Your fullness I have received grace! Thank You that not only did You bring grace and truth to me, but you ARE grace and truth. Amen and Amen

REFLECT:  It was a profound revelation to me that GOD IS LOVE and JESUS IS GRACE. If we try to define both terms outside of God the Father and Jesus the Son, we limit the meaning of those words. I look forward to a week of studying grace and how it impacts my life, my thoughts and my actions. And I want to be in a state of thanks to Jesus Christ, for offering Himself to me as grace. I want His grace to wash over me and sink deep into my heart and soul so that I will walk and talk in grace and truth all the days of my life.

ACT:  Spend time thanking Jesus right now for all of the ways He has given you grace, taught you about grace and shown you grace through other people. Thank Him for the grace He shows you, especially when you don't deserve it, and the ongoing grace you receive without even naturally thinking about it. Because of Jesus you are living in grace and truth. Thank Him for that and then think of Jesus whenever you hear the word grace.