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The Process of Doubling.

“.... [But there was a fifth man there also.]” Job‬ ‭32:1‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

The book of Job, is categorized as one of the Bible’s wisdom books and chronicles the highs, lows and valleys of Job. After a series of traumatic life-events, Job faces the lowest point in his life, where he encounters public shame and private familial scrutiny that undoubtedly tests his faith. It is during these times where those closest to him, challenge his character and even questions his relationship with God. Unbeknownst to Job, these series of life-events were allowed by God. In fact, these catastrophic events weren’t designed to kill Job or even to crush him. In fact, they were designed to double him. The test that you’re facing wasn’t meant to kill you — it was designed to double you. 

Job was undoubtedly facing one of the most trying times of his entire life. While Job was going through this tumultuous period, he was surrounded by people who only gave their carnal opinion without seeking the Wisdom of God first. His friends simply gave their opinion on his circumstance without appropriately discerning the situation. In fact, Job’s friends gave counsel without insight, wisdom or revelation. Counsel without revelation is merely an opinion — and opinions have no weight to propel your Destiny or authority to address the circumstance. 

Job’s friends filled his ear with emotional chatter and spiritual static. They were interference. Consider your counsel. You can either surround yourself with those who will propel your Destiny or you can remain stagnant by listening to the emotional static and the opinions of people. Counsel without wisdom or Godly insight will lead to stagnation.