Wisdom Of The Teacher For College Students, Ch. 5.

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How often do you really contemplate your steps when you are heading to church on Sunday? Well most of us drive, so I doubt we really think about it a lot. But that’s how Chapter 5 begins in our study. Guard your steps when you go to the house of God!

I often get crazy looks when I start talking about the deeper meaning of some of the songs we sing during our worship at our campus ministry or local church. I believe many people in our congregations today get their theology more from the music we sing than the sermons we hear. It’s no doubt that we remember the songs better than the sermons!

We can become guilty of being careless with our words just like the person being referenced in these verses. We might not still bring sacrifices without really worshiping God, but we often make statements that we have no real intention of keeping beyond the end of the service. It might be wise to really think about what we sing before we open our mouths and make a statement that will be hard for us to fulfill.

Verse 3 contains a proverb that could be translated “as worry brings on fitful dreams, so a multitude of words indicates a fool.” That sounds like some of the songs we sing doesn’t it? How many times do we have to ask the Lord to be with us before He listens? 

As you go up to worship this week, in whatever context you find yourself, guard your steps! Think before you commit anything. Sometimes it might be better to not sing and let your words be few in worship!