Prayer Journey By Itumeleng Matlaila

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A prayer for marriages and relationships

Dear Father, we are gathered humbly before Your throne to praise and thank You for the wonderful gift of family. We acknowledge that the family is the nucleus of society and it is Your divine plan for us to have thriving marriages and relationships.

We humbly pray for those who are waiting on You for spouses. Father God, we ask that You may grant them the desires of their hearts and send them godly partners to share their life journey. Give them the wisdom to know that You are working within them during this time.

We pray against feelings of discouragement and loneliness for those who are waiting patiently for You to move. Help them to remember that You are at work within them as well as in the partners that You are preparing for them.

Lord, we pray for married couples. Your Word tells us, “Find a good spouse, you find a good life—and even more: the favor of God!” (Proverbs 18:22, The Message). 

Father, help us to remember that marriage is a God-idea. We pray for Christian marriages, Lord. May our marriages be safe havens, places where love is cultivated, characters are refined, forgiveness is constant and Christ is celebrated.

In Revelation, the Lord tells the Church of Ephesus that they have forgotten their first love (see Revelation 2:4). We pray that as husbands and wives, busy with our daily commitments, we may not forget our first love: Christ. Help all Christian couples to remember that when they put Christ first, they allow Him to be a co-partner and the third cord in their marriage, transforming it into a union that will not break or unravel under the pressures of life. 

We thank You, Lord, the Author and Finisher of our unwavering faith. We trust in You and know that because You are love, when we have You in our hearts, You will teach us how to love perfectly.

We declare this in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen.