Consumed: Living for God's Glory

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Sin is anything that doesn’t line up with God’s will and character. Unfortunately, it’s something we are powerless to avoid. We all sin, and our sin separates us from God until we put our faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection to save us from the consequences of our sin. When we do, God forgives it and forgets it . . . all of it. 

Because different kinds of sin affect us and those around us differently, we assume that some kinds of sin are worse than others. Not true. Sin is sin because of what it does to our relationship with God, not how it affects us and others. This being true, there’s no reason to think God couldn’t forgive you. Whatever you’ve done or haven’t done, He can forgive you as easily as He forgives everyone else. 

If you’ve never confessed your sin to God and allowed Him to forgive you and adopt you as His child, you can do so now. If you have done that and belong to God, but have made more mistakes, you can confess that sin as well. Sin committed after you are saved doesn’t separate you from God again, but it can make it hard to talk to and hear from Him and cause you to doubt. The moment you confess it, you’ll find it easier to keep moving in the direction He wants you to move, confident that you are His. 

Like it or not, sin is something that we will struggle against for as long as we live on this earth. The transformation that begins when we accept God’s forgiveness and make Jesus our boss is a process that will take a lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to keep watch on the sin in our lives, confess it when we are made aware of it, and move past it to God’s best for us. 

Thank God for loving you despite your sin and making a way for you to live above it through Jesus.