Ancora Kids March Around


Never too strong

Do you ever feel things are much bigger and stronger than you?

It looked as if this city was too big and strong for Joshua to enter – but God can make a way where there isn’t a way…

Read Joshua chapter 6, verses 1 to 5, if you haven’t already done so.

What were the instructions God gave to Joshua?

How many times a day were they to march around Jericho?

How many days were they to march?

How many priests would go in front?

On what day would they blow the trumpets?

How many times would they march around on the day they blew the trumpets?


This is about God giving instructions and his people following His instructions. 

God gives us instructions throughout the Bible.


Here are a few to read from Matthew’s gospel:

Matthew, chapter 5, verse 44

Matthew, chapter 6, verse 14

Matthew, chapter 6, verse 25

Matthew, chapter 7, verse 7

 Pray. Choose one of God’s ‘instructions’ from Matthew’s gospel. Ask God to help you obey.

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