Bad Girls Rehab: Sexual Sin

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Sexual Sin

Whether married or single we are all faced with the temptation to enter into sexual sin. It could be the images shown in your favorite shows. Or even the co-worker who has become your office spouse. From the very beginning, the enemy has taken what God has deemed as good and perverted it. This is most often seen in the area of sexual sin.

Sex is good… even great. However, it is great within the scope of marriage between one man and one woman. Sex is not just for your own personal pleasure. Rather, it is an act that ultimately glorifies God.

As a believer your body is no longer yours. It is Christ’s because he so willingly gave up his for you. So then your body becomes a temple for God’s usage rather than a vessel for your own gratification. Yet, our heart constantly yearns for that, which we cannot have, particular in the area of sex. Why? Well in my opinion, it seems sex is the enemy’s choice weapon these days. Sexual sin is multifaceted and its impacts are astonishing. Once in its grips it is able to not only attack your body, mind and spirit but also that of the person who participates in the sin with you. Being in awe of the cross and surrendering to the Holy Spirit is your only way of escape.