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The world looks at what has been ruined and immediately decreases its value and ability, but in the Kingdom it carries a different meaning. When someone truly encounters Jesus, they are never the same. This is what happened to Peter and John. They ended up looking and living just like He did. They were ruined! 

With this lens, being Ruined brings increase, value, and authority. You become ruined for normal because easy and comfortable does not satisfy the appetite any longer. 

When you see sickness, you know Who is called to heal it!

When you see brokenness, you have a compassion to restore!

When you see injustice, you are stirred to correct it!

The wheel chairs, negativity, crutches, bitterness, and bruises that used to be avoided are now difficult to ignore because the love and power of Jesus is drawing you to minister to those who struggle with them. 

Just like the Jesus Who “ruined” you, He is wanting to use you to do the same thing. The Ruined are contending for the days where classrooms turn to prayer rooms, boardrooms seek heavenly wisdom, and corruption becomes extinct. They’re dreaming of the headlines that are written of cancer centers and rehab centers being shut down in cities because of a lack of patients. History will and is being written by the Ruined. Once you give your life to Jesus, you are ruined!