The 7 Day Anxiety Detox: Practical Tips For Biblically Overcoming Anxiety


In the context of 2 Corinthians 10:3, Paul talks to us about spiritual warfare and our necessary role in destroying every obstacle that stands against the truth of Christ.

This includes the thoughts that arise in opposition of our faith.

But taking our thoughts captive and living by the Spirit rather than our flesh is easier said than done. Half of the battle of anxiety is realizing when you’re entering the battle. This is mainly because our fears and insecurities feel so true. We tend to go along with whatever pops into our heads.


But there is one thing that we must get down today if we’re truly going to start breaking free…

Just because the thought exists, doesn’t make it true.

(Go ahead, speak this to yourself, “Just because this thought exists, doesn’t make it true.”)


This is your reminder that you don't have to believe everything you think today.

You have this incredible God-given skill called metacognition.

Metacognition means you have the ability to think about your thoughts. 

This means that you can pause, momentarily separate yourself from your thoughts and begin to discern what’s healthy and what is not; and discard the following.


Action Plan:

Work through anxiety in these 4 steps.


1. Identify the “trigger” (What’s causing you to react).

Start pinpointing the event or individual that keeps triggering your emotions.

Ask yourself: Why does this have so much power over me? Is my anxiety about the

situation appropriate or created by my own fears and insecurities?


2. Write down the thoughts that follow.

Write down everything that you’re thinking. Analyze those thoughts and be your own judge.

Ask yourself: Is my thought process rational? Is it being led by the Spirit or led by fear?


3. Note the Reaction 

What is your first reaction in response to the trigger event? 

Ask yourself: How does this make me react?  What is a healthier behavior I can exchange this for (ex: praying, journaling, exercising, deep breathing)?


4. Bringing yourself around to the reality.

(choosing faith and weighing your anxieties against a more likely truth).

At this point, you separate yourself from your feelings, whether that be by journaling or talking through them with someone else and begin weighing the more rational reality. Think of 2 other ways you can view the situation.


Today's Prayer: "Lord help me become more aware of any thoughts that do not come from you."