Reach4Life- Journey 2: Grow


Day One: The Bible

“How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word.” – Psalm 119:9, NIV

Having worked through the first journey, Believe, you are now ready to learn how to grow in your faith as a follower of Jesus. Want to grow stronger? Read on!


Although God didn’t write the Bible himself, he inspired its 40 writers. They included a poet, a king, a shepherd, a doctor, a tax collector and a fisherman; each wrote different books over a period of 1600 years. The Old Testament (39 books) was written before Jesus. The New Testament (27 books) was written after he came.

God made sure the writers wrote what he wanted them to so that the Bible contains the truth about who God is, what he’s done and is still doing, as well as how to have a relationship with Him. The world has changed since the Bible was written, but its message remains as true and relevant today as it ever was.


Psalm 119:9-21, 103-105


Why read the Bible?

· It keeps us pure (v9) and sin-free (v11).

· It brings us joy (v14) and wonder (v18).

· It nourishes our souls, like honey feeds our bodies (v103).

· It guides us in decision-making, like a path leads us when we’re lost (v105).

· It gives us understanding (v104).

How do we put into practice what we read in the Bible?

· Obey it (v9).

· Memorize parts of it (v11).

· Speak it aloud to yourself and others (v13).

· Treasure it (v14).

· Think about it often until it becomes part of you (v15).

· Don’t neglect it (v16).

· Ask God to open your eyes as you read and hear it (v18).

· Crave it (v20).

· Be humble, not arrogant, as you receive it (v21).

· Find pleasure in it (v103).

It’s not enough to read God’s word and be informed. God’s word needs to become part of us until we’re transformed! Every time you read or hear it, ask God to speak to you through it.


· What part has the Bible played in your life so far?

· What can you do to ensure that you begin to live out what the Bible teaches you?


For more on The Bible, read:

James 1:21-25

2 Timothy 3:14-17