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His love endures forever

“Proper worship is central to our understanding of reality, the arts, and it affects everyone, Christians and non-Christians. Culture is affected by how we worship God. By “proper worship,” I mean a distinctively Christological way of looking at God, the world and ourselves that is driven by understanding and experiencing God’s grace."  Makoto Fujimura  

PRAY:   Lord, You are good and Your love endures forever! I want the trumpets to blare and the musicians to play the cymbals and other instruments. Lord, let the singers raise their voices in praise to you. And I sing out with them, "He is good; His love endures forever." Amen and Amen 
REFLECT:   What a glorious week ahead. Have you ever spent a full week just worshiping the Lord? Experience it fully this week and notice how the rest of your days are impacted by starting each one with praise and thanks, all in an attitude of worship. Do you see a difference in your conversations, your attitude, and even your productivity? Get ready for a glorious week!
ACT:  Commit to worshiping God all day, every day this week. Push away any requests and complaining, and just worship the Lord. Use your body! Take time to kneel, stand, sit, lay down, close your eyes, fold your hands, raise your arms, dance, play an instrument, read silently, sing out loud. Be bold, adventurous, and even risky as you worship God this week. Get outside your usual worship habits, it's not just singing songs in church, but it's using your entire body, mind, and soul, focusing on the Lord, on who He is and what He's done for us and given to us. Commit this entire week to WORSHIPING your ALMIGHTY GOD!

Music is such an integral part of entering into worship so we are going to include a suggested worship song each day. Whether you choose to listen to that one, or pick one of your own, be sure to enter into worship in some way each day!                       

Suggested worship song:  

You Are Good by Israel Houghton & the New Breed