Love God Greatly James


Read: James 2:1-7

SOAP: James 2:1-7 

James calls believers to forsake favoritism and prejudice for love. He recognized that even in the early Church the poor were disregarded, ignored, and discriminated against while those with high social status, position, and economic standing were elevated and honored.  

What kind of person or what kind of sinner do you tend to discriminate against? The pivotal ministry of Jesus was love. He showed love for the poor, love for those rejected by society, love for the sick, love for the helpless and powerless, and love for sinners. Jesus didn’t leave heaven for Himself. He came down for us – every single one of us. To whom might you be excluding by your actions, inactions, or your attitude? How will you begin to extend your grace and love today? 

Father God, I thank You that Your gospel excludes no one. I thank You for Your grace that continues to meet me just as I am. I thank You that Your love doesn’t seek out riches, worthiness, prestige, or status. Lord, guide me to know where and how to reach out to those who are not like me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.