God And My Emotions: Devotions From Time Of Grace

Does God cry too?

How do you imagine God from day to day? All-powerful? Serene in majesty? Imperturbable and calm, always in control?

Does it surprise you to hear that the Bible tells us that God does not always get what he wants? That he is often frustrated, unable to understand the destructive behaviors of his children upon whom he has lavished education, love, and resources? That God gets sad too?

Sad enough to cry. “When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. ‘Where have you laid him,’ he asked. ‘Come and see, Lord,’ they replied. Jesus wept” (John 11:33-35). God takes no pleasure in human death. When the reaper cuts down his children, God cries as would any parent. Jesus Christ, God in human flesh, came to the burial site of his friend Lazarus and felt the full weight of what we all feel at the death of someone we love. God himself wept at the tomb.

But then God spoke, and death was forced to release its grip. Lazarus lived again, thanks to the One who by his death defeated death. Jesus will reenact that same resurrection command on the Last Day, and you and I will emerge from our graves. And you know what? He will be smiling.