7 dingen die de Bijbel zegt over angst

7 Things The Bible Says About Anxiety

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Anxiety can feel unpredictable. One minute is fine. The next, you’re swept up in a wave of debilitating emotional and mental chaos. You take deep breaths. Close your eyes. Practice the calming physical responses you’re taught to do when attacked by anxiety. But anxiety doesn’t just impact us physically. It takes over everything.

That’s why we must partner our physical responses with spiritual truths that help us shift our focus. Our minds have to find rest. The Bible helps us re-calibrate and calm our hearts.

First, we have to arm ourselves with Scripture when we’re in the right state of mind so that when the attack comes, we’re ready to fight. Memorize Scriptures that you can use as weapons when those waves of anxiety hit. Those verses remind us of the truth about God and fix our eyes away from what’s leading us to dark places.

Isaiah 12:2 tells us that we can trust God to save us, and that we don’t have to be afraid. How powerful is that? We don’t have to fear. We can trust God. He will save us. He is Lord. He is over everything, and He can rescue us, no matter how far we feel that we’ve gone. He is there.

When we fill our minds with statements like these, we give God permission to take the load off our burdened hearts and give us rest. These statements also give us the power to fight and win the battles we’re up against.

Repeat these statements until you feel the waves of anxiety pass because repeating truth sets us free from the lies of anxiety.

God desires this type of dependency from us. We don’t have to wait for a traumatic mental battle to meditate on His Word. I believe that when my mind is focused on the truth of Scripture, the triggers that once overwhelmed me have less power (see Romans 8:6).

Go to God through His Word. Let it take over your thoughts and mend the anxiety in your soul that settles under the surface. Choose to give Him your fear. Trust Him to save you.

Jessica Penick
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7 Things The Bible Says About Anxiety

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