Thru The Bible -- Gospel Of John


The Real Lord’s Prayer

John 16:29—17:26

In John 17, Jesus turns from talking to the disciples to talking with His Father. Jesus invites us to eavesdrop on His prayer so that we might know what He prays for us today. If you forgot to pray this morning, He didn’t. He remembered you.

In this beautiful chapter, Jesus prays for Himself (vs.1-5), He prays for His own (vs. 6-20), and He prays for His church (vs. 21-26). 

First, Jesus prays for Himself. Far from being selfish, praying for ourselves is essential. The hour had come for Him to pay for our sins, for the world to see the love of God lavished on that cross. 

Read John 17:2-5.

What is eternal life? It’s to know Him, “the only true God” (v. 3). Faith doesn’t save you (it’s just the instrument). Jesus, the object of your faith, saves you. You can believe in the wrong thing. The real gospel is that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again. If we know that and respond in faith when we trust Christ as Savior—that is eternal life. 

Jesus essentially hands in His final report to the Father. He says, “I finished the work You gave me to do.” He’s done all that is necessary for us to be saved. The gospel and salvation is never what God asks you to do to be saved, but instead it’s God telling you what He’s already done for you. Do you believe that by faith? 

Read John 17:6-10.

Next, Jesus prays for His disciples. He rehearses with the Father the beautiful relationship He’s had with this team. They now know that God sent Him. And now, with the love of the greatest teacher for His students, He intercedes for them. 

Read John 17:11-17.

This Great High Priestly prayer of Christ is for the present hour and for you. He prays for the unity of believers, an organic unity only God can accomplish. Our joy is only fulfilled in God. 

God’s Word is the most revolutionary book there is in the world. Its radical message is that you can’t save yourself; only Jesus Christ can. That runs counter to the world’s do-it-yourself philosophy. 

Jesus wants to keep us in the world so we can be His witnesses and He will get more glory. 

Read John 17:18-21.

Finally, Jesus prays for the church. God loves us today just like He loves the Lord Jesus Christ. How wonderful is that! Because of that love, Jesus prays that we love each other. 

This is the real Lord’s Prayer! 

Next, the last supper together and capture in a garden.